Vanlife: Home Is Where you Park It

The Vanlife movement has been witnessed by previous generations. Hippies in the ’60s and ’70s are synonymous with it.

In recent times, the unique way of living has made an explosive comeback. YouTubers and bloggers have done such a good job of documenting their minimalist lifestyles, they’ve started a trend. The alternative to balancing work, life, finances and travel goals from one fixed location is attractive.

After creating their campervan conversions, some even trade in their traditional housing for the freedom of a life on the road.


For many, the major attraction of a custom campervan is the freedom to go where and when you want for as long as you want safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need with you. Being able to explore a particular area with no bounds, or reasons to have to up and leave is exhilarating. There are so few times when complete freedom is possible in our busy lives that a fluid, free flowing holiday is particularly appealing when compared to a more restrictive hotel stay or package deal.


There’s something therapeutic about the simplicity of life on the road and the opportunity it gives to become more in tune with nature. Often the only distraction is the scenery, a good reason why Vanlife is so attractive to so many. When life is stripped back in this way, it’s can be easier to have an appreciation of your travel companions and those around you. Vanlife presents the opportunity to experience minimalism when so often in life it’s just not practical.

Cost and time effective

Once campervan conversions are complete, their creators have access to stunning holiday destinations for less. More frequent trips can be taken with ease and at a fraction of the cost without having to rent a campervan.

Time is something that we seem to have less and less of as a society. With your own custom built house on wheels, it’s possible to take off on impromptu trips requiring little or no planning.

A lifestyle choice like no other

Vanlife opens the door to a whole new world and lifestyle. Meeting new people in new places and experiencing new things on your own terms can be inspiring.

Why choose to custom create a campervan?

There are a wide range of campervans on the market. However, more and more people are choosing to create their own. Reasons include the ability to:

  • Design the campervan to exactly match your unique set of needs
  • Use a base vehicle that works for you
  • Choose your own degree of comfort
  • Make your own trade-offs against the things that are most important to you
  • Choose your own layout
  • Showcase your own interior design and colour schemes
  • Custom build to your desired level of quality
  • Cut out unnecessary costs

Cosy Campers’ custom creation full of heart and soul

Mariangela and Mike Virtue created their one-off Cosy Camper from a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter destined for designer driving. The conversion was a labour of love. The interiors are hand-made from reclaimed timber and they applied their own personal touches of luxury everywhere. It’s bursting at the seams with extras and will stand up to a life less ordinary on the road. There aren’t many campervans out there with Bose sound systems and boutique bedding!

The campervan has a wonderfully natural vibe that is testament to its creators’ passion for travel, adventure, nature and music.

A campervan that’s in tune with its habitat.

When Mariangela and Mike created their campervan conversion they had life in Queensland front of mind. The custom fit-out includes insulated panelling and fans for airflow to keep its inhabitants cool in summer and warm during the winter months.

Using solar power harnesses the rays of the famous Queensland sun and aligns with their environmentally friendly values.

The Cosy Camper is built for long lasting quality and performance and will no doubt inspire others to venture into Vanlife for themselves for years to come.

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