Simplest Camping Set Up You’ll Find

If you’ve camped before and found the chore of packing and unpacking tiresome, you’ll love the experience of luxury campervan hire.

With Brisbane’s Cosy Campers, set-up is as easy as 1, 2, 3, relax. You’ll be the envy of your campsite compatriots, they will still be struggling with tent poles and canvas while you’re tucking into your first camp cook-up. You can travel without the fear of forgetting a critical piece of kit or worrying that your lack of knowledge about what you need to take will result in a disastrous holiday.

Cosy Campers is the brainchild of seasoned campers. Your custom created van has been fully road tested to ensure that your luxury campervan rental comes pre-packed with all the equipment you need to enjoy your trip.

Cosy Campers 3 step set-up:

  1. Drive into a level van site
  2. Set up your Cosy Campers shade awning
  3. Set out your chairs, table and Lizard Air Lounge

Step 1

On arrival at the campsite, find a level van site and drive in. Hop down from the cab and take in the great outdoors. What a difference from the aggravation of erecting a tent!

Step 2

Ensure that you stay cool in the east coast sun with Cosy Campers’ shade awning, it’s super easy to set up. Simply unwind the awning, adjust its height and secure with a couple of pegs.

Step 3

You’ll be the envy of your fellow campers as you demonstrate that it takes a matter of minutes to go from arrival to lounging around. Inflate your Lizard Air Lounge and set out your Helinox chairs without breaking a sweat. Once done, relax and admire your handiwork.

All that’s left is to crank up the Bose beats and recline with a drink while you decide what to cook for dinner on your portable barbeque. Packing up is as straightforward as setting up. Simply put away your chairs, table and lounge, wind in your awning, hop into your Cosy Camper and drive away. Don’t be surprised if people ask you how to rent a luxury campervan with Cosy Campers for their next trip!

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