A Smart Choice for A Road Trip

If you’re considering a road trip for your next holiday, sooner or later you’ll need to consider a campervan vs hotel accommodation.

Benefits of a campervan include:

  • Flexibility
  • Opportunity to create a unique experience
  • Getting closer to nature
  • A more personalised approach
  • Social aspect of camping
  • Cost effective

Private luxury motorhome rental with Cosy Campers is a unique experience that will convert even the most reluctant amongst us.


You have so much more control over your itinerary when you hire a campervan and can take your holiday at your own pace. Campsites are much more flexible about staying an additional night or check in and out times.

You carry all the facilities of a hotel with you in a campervan. After a long day on the road, you have the luxury of being able to cook for yourself instead of worrying whether the restaurant will still be serving food when you arrive. You can even pull over and make your own dinner whenever you’re hungry and don’t have to wait until the next town or that night’s stopover. Packing up is as easy as closing the door on your hotel room and there’s usually less of a rush to get out by a certain time.

Create your own unique adventure and get closer to nature

Your luxury motorhome rental will get you far closer to nature than opting to stay in a hotel. Your rest stops can be taken off the beaten track given that whether you intend to make a cup of tea, have a sandwich or a cooked meal your Cosy Camper comes equipped with everything you need. You can throw open the back doors and wonder over a beautiful vista as you enjoy a well-earned rest from the road. Every step of the way, you’ll be creating a unique set of memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

A more personalised approach

Roadside motels are often soul-less places. As you travel down the highway in your stylish motorhome rental passing one sterile hotel after another, you’ll be relieved that you took the alternative choice.

Camping camaraderie

There’s real camaraderie on a campsite. People love exchanging stories on their camping experience, passing on tips on everything from where to stay to which route to take. You’ll find yourself in places that are off the tourist trail that you would never have happened across otherwise.

A unique campervan is always a talking point so getting the conversation started won’t be difficult.

All-inclusive a big attraction

There’s something attractive about knowing that the cost of accommodation is included from the off.

Paying for hotels night after night can stack up, particularly where demand is high or you want to visit some of the most fashionable postcodes.

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